Radial Product & Reject Stacker

Project Details

Project: 30m Radial Reject Stackers & 40m Product Radial Stacker
Client: Gold Creek Engineers
Service Type: Engineering Fabrication
Value: $570k
Completion: August 2017

Project Summary

Melco Engineering were engaged by Gold Creek Engineers to undertake the supply, manufacture and trial assembly of a 30m Radial Reject Stacker and a 40m Product Radial Stacker for the Lake Vermont Coal Beneficiation Plant.

The coal beneficiation solution is based on the concept of pre-treating a portion of the ROM coal that has purposely been mined with excess dilution to recover the majority of the resource, before delivery to the CHPP for final processing. The role of the radial stackers is to transport the separated coal and waste material to their respective locations, the coal through the product stacker to the load point to be transported to the CHPP and the waste material through the reject stacker to be transported to the pit.

The Melco scope included fabrication, assembly and surface treatment of the 30m Rejects Radial Stacker and 40m Product Radial Stacker and encompassed 3,800 labour hours.

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