MNM Powered Roof Support Overhaul

Project Details

Project: MNM Powered Roof Support Overhaul
Client: Joy Global (Aus) Underground
Service Type: Repairs & Overhauls, Crane & Logistics and Project Management
Value: $5.9m
Completion: October 2015

Project Summary

Melco Engineering were engaged by Joy Global (Aus) Underground to undertake the overhaul of 150 roof supports as a subcontractor for the Moranbah North Mine Roof Support Overhaul project.

The powered roof supports are the most powerful and largest supports that have been designed for the global market. The overhaul was required to eliminate the risk of drift falls. The overhaul works included fabrication, mechanical and electrical works and assembly of the powered roof supports. This was executed by the Melco team through a series of work stations, allowing the team to simultaneously execute multiple supports in the most efficient manner possible.

Melco project managers worked closely with the client to monitor and report on project process in respect of key deliverables and execute effective management of emergent works in order to ensure compatibility between the Melco project deliverables and the client’s project deliverables.

The Melco scope encompassed 48,000 labour hours over the course of a 36-day shutdown.

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