Gantry Repairs and Trestle Fabrication

Project Details

Project: Gantry Repairs and Trestle Fabrication
Client: Wilmar Sugar
Service Type: Engineering Fabrication, On-site Installation, Cranes & Logistics, Project Management, Repairs and Overhauls
Value: $500k
Completion: May 2018

Project Summary

Melco Engineering were engaged by Wilmar to undertake the repairs and overhaul of two (2) sections of sugar conveyor gantry at the Plane Creek Sugar Mill.

The sugar conveyor gantries are responsible for facilitating the transportation of processed raw sugar from the sugar mill to the bulk raw sugar bin.

Melco project managers worked closely with the customer to identify and execute emergent work including the fabrication, assembly, transportation and installation of two (2) new trestles to support the conveyor gantries. This was completed whilst maintaining the integrity of the sugar mill off-season period by completing works before the crushing season.

The Melco scope included fabrication, assembly, transport and site installation of refurbished conveyor gantries and the newly fabricated trestle beams and encompassed in excess of 2,300 labour hours.

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